Monday, November 4, 2013

ISA Early Show

The ISA Early Show was Saturday out in Batavia and Tim and I were there repping Chi- Tie.  This was a cool show spotlighting a whole lot of local tiers, guides, and shops. We had a great time tying a few flies and meeting a lot of new folks.  Hopefully we'll see some of you in the future.  I gave a couple demos of some of his go to bass flies while Tim was showing some great steelhead flies. There was also a ton of interest in all the giant musky flies we both had laid out.
It was cool to get to meet and network with other Chicagoland tying clubs including DRIFT and NIFT.  There were a lot of awesome tiers there putting out everything from tiny trout nymphs to big musky flies.  I even finally joined ISA. Check them out as they're a great organization doing a lot of important work in the area helping protect and conserve one of our favorite gamefish. 
Thanks to John and the ISA for having us out and putting us in a great spot. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and talked with us.  And thanks to everyone for continuing the support and hanging out tying with us.  Now enjoy some pics that Tim was able to snap during the day.  See you November 11!
- Dave K

Since we were right on the river, we had to go fish after...

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  1. Dave, me some stickers, I have something for you when I see you again. Cheers, Eric aka Doublegun