Saturday, July 13, 2013

July feat. Misfit Fly Co.

Well July Chi-Tie has come and gone.  And it was damned good.  This month featured a promo from Misfit Fly Co.  Brian from Misfit was very gracious and donated a bunch of samples of his main product the Misfit Holo- Head as well as other products.  Everyone who came got a Holo- Head or two to try out.  We had a good time putting together some flies using the Holo- Heads to finish off some big streamers.
Be sure to mark your calendar for our next meet up August 12 as Galway Bay.  We'll have more details as we get closer.  For now here's a few pics from this month's gathering.  Big thanks goes out to the guys who came out and especially to Misfit Fly Co. Go check them out.

Making a mess.

Beer flies.

Ralph's rad fly

Big ass eyes added to one of the demo flies.
Misfit UV 
Zeph's wicked sucker fly.


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